Jean-Sebastien F., Findley Creek

Good day, Yesterday I got my Goodman 2 tons 14 Seer Central Air conditioning installed at my home by two very professional and efficient persons from your company. I would like to thank them again for their great job they have done at my home. It was obvious that they handled this process very professionally, competently and in a timely manner.

Thank you again.
I will not hesitate to recommend your company to friends and family.
Have a good day.
Jean-Sebastien F.

Chris, Orleans

I would like to thank you & Axis Heating for the quick and great work performed for the installation of my AC unit on April 5th. Really appreciated.
It looks great and should provide me with great cool air this summer.

Thanks Again!

Brittany, Orleans

Just had my A/C installed by Axis and I was NOT disappointed!  Friendly and knowledgeable with prices that are hard to beat. Thanks Axis!  Would definitely recommend!


Danny D., Orleans

I will definitely recommend you to everyone on my road simply for your customer service, just amazing!

Chris L., Ottawa, ON

I had AXIS install an air conditioner in my house and I was very happy with the service.

Deb K., Barrhaven, ON

Thanks so much for your thorough and thoughtful responses.  I appreciate the due diligence!

Tarcy N.,  Stittsville, ON

You made it a very easy decision as to who I would be going with for our humidifier and A/C unit. If you are this thorough with your service, I can only imagine the workmanship behind it again, thank you.

Matt M., Barrhaven, ON - Apr 27 2012

Install went well and the guys were good!

Chris B., Orleans, ON - Apr 16 2012

I would like to thank you & Axis Heating for the quick & great work performed for the installation of my AC unit on April 5th. Really appreciated.
It looks great & should provide me with great cool air this summer.

Thanks again!

David F., Barrhaven, ON - May 29 2012

I am thoroughly impressed with Axis Heating in light of the brutal experience I had this week with a larger GVAC service - ["other company"] Heating & Air conditioning. [...].
At any rate, a Axis Heating tech came by my place tonight and finished up under the flashlight at 9:30pm after replacing the (obviously) blown capacitor. Thoroughly diagnosed the systems and explained the status of all other components. Verified everything several times and the unit functions beautifully. Cold air is pumping!
I couldn't ask for more than that, especially on short notice and during a very busy season. They are professional.
This type of experience has pretty much guaranteed Axis Heating will be at the top of my list to install central air in our new home.

Update: David F., Barrhaven, ON - Sep 07 2012

Had my 3 ton A/C and humidifier installed by the Axis Heating Crew. Very professional job. A head's up phone call prior to their arrival, on time, extremely polite and a spotless job.  I'd recommend them to anyone considering an A/C or humidifier. Great work guys, thanks.

I'm amazed by how quiet that unit is, very nice product and cooled the house down in no time.
Cheers  :D`

Huong H, Ottawa, ON - Dec 18 2012


I am happy with the new furnace that is from your company. There were two young men who came and replace it, worked very hard. They are very good workers, and had patience, and responsibility.
I will recommend your company to my friends too.
Thanks for your helping me.

Huong H.

Howard H., Orleans, ON - June 25 2012

I just got home from work and I was very happy with the AC. I want to say "Thanks for the great deal!". I will be sure to pass your name on for future business.

Howard H.

Sarah C., Gloucester, ON - Jan 7th 2013


In early December, I had an air conditioner installed by Axis Heating.  I wanted to let you know that your technicians were great,  punctual and polite.  It was a really pleasant experience and my husband and I have both been saying what a pleasure it's been to deal with Axis Heating.

Sarah C.
Andrew R., Orleans, ON - Oct 15 2012
Nothing but top notch service on my end in Orleans. I had an AC installed, followed shortly by a humidifier. They're techs were knowledgeable and friendly, alongside with their front office staff.


Sonia C., Orleans, ON - Jul 9 2012

You customer service is very good.

Eric L., Barrhaven, ON - Jul 13 2012

I want to say thank you for the work of your service group the last time I emailed you.
Very prompt, and quite impressive! :)

Eric L.

Jim W., Kanata, ON - Sep 20 2012

The installers arrived in the early part of the service window.
We did a little tour and talked about locations for the unit and routing for the pipes - finished lower level, hydro panel not on the same side of the house as the furnace, middle unit town so no easy sidewall install.
Install took the usual amount of time I've seen taken.
I've had a dozen or so a/c's installed over the years and the neatness of this installation job, and the attention to detail is far above average.
We did post install tour so explain the controls, talked about winter maintenance etc.
During this time the system was running, pressures were being double checked, and I was feeling the cold air.
So just delighted with everything :D

Lori E., Bells Corner. ON - Mar 29 2012

Had my unit installed today and everything went really well! The team from Axis Heating did a great job, showed me all their work afterwards, and kept my house very clean - even in the pouring rain!

Definitely a smooth transaction.  Thanks Axis Heating.

Jim M., Stitsville, ON - Sep 20 2012

It's great to have a perfectly working A/C again at this time of year.  [...] The compressor unit is nice and quiet too.

Jim M.

Ken S., Orleans, ON - May 24 2012

I did research, googled and searched, read all I could for purchasing an AC unit and reputable installer. BBB, forums, etc. Duncan was a solid sales person on the phone and pretty quick on the return calls and all considering the season/timing, BBB ratings were good, forums mostly seem positive, even checked the outside install of a few units by my sister in-laws house and they looked clean and professional. Way better than my old house [...] it was a total hack job! (Done before we moved in though so what can you do).

Bob, Ottawa, ON - Jan 19 2012

Had a great experience with Axis Heating last year, the price was good, they were nice to deal with and got back to me quickly! Anyhow I had an ac installed, they came recommended from my neighbor and I don't regret it!

Nihan K., Barrhaven, ON - Aug 14 2012

The guys swung by and fixed the problem.
Thanks so much for the rapid response! You guys are awesome!

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